Time Travel


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I was just a vagabond
who nurtured by your side
too far now that we’ve gone
I can feel the thud inside

broken and dejected thereon
my heart has turned so dumb
it might seem crazy on my part
but thats just the way, it cares to long

the emotions are taking over me
while the memories feel so cold
my conscience must be disarrayed
but the truth is, I dont want you anymore

I’m still a vagabond
doesn’t matter where you’re gone
I need to come out of the misery
and everything that you put me through
this life is way too short,
too short to live it, just for you

whispers in the corridors, day in and day out
speculating my life needs to be rethought about
for no mistake of mine, I don’t have to whine
for its time to break away
with no further clichés
my life ought to be that way
coz Tomorrow’s gonna be, a different day!!

And I’m still a vagabond
its nice to feel that you’ve gone
too much, I wanna saddle up
now that I get to see a different world
and then there’s this lovely girl
who’s been knockin on my door
may be she is the one from my dreams
that I have been, looking for!

And I wanna dance in the sunshine, without further ado
this life is way too short, too short to live it just for you
I know its time to change
and its a time to break away
coz Tomorrow’s gonna be,
A different day!!
With no further cliché, Its gonna be,
A different day!!!

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His eyes were already drooping, his legs smashed and bleeding half body, as he smelt his own rustic blood.
He Wished he had never taken out his bike, or the least, never had driven so fast in the temptation caused by his thumping testosterone.
But here he was lying on the stretcher in the beeping ambulance, with none of his loved ones by his side, while he was on the way to be doomed.
Suddenly, an intrinsic wave ignited his mind. The reason for all his earthly deeds came to his rescue, as he whispered his final words to Praise the Lord. And there he was, just a few moments away from ‘Heaven’. What more could he ask for?

P. S: Although the story crosses the required 55 words, I wanted to make an attempt at writing this ’55 Fiction’. And this is how it has turned out.

Hollow mind!!


Seriously, wot the freakingly heck is wrong wid me?
I m so out of this rythm, of being able to ryt. Aftr so long years, I finally find words jamming into poems. bt now, I hv lyk atleast a list of 10 imcomplete n deserted poems, which I so hate to have started off.
Now I fynally plan to brake this callous fever, by writin wotever shoot hits my mind.. And may be for a change, its abt me stuff… or may not be.. theez r jst some insane words..

I am so lost n confused
lost in this disjuncted future
bt m so aware of the presnt
I feel the awkwardness around me
wearing off this lazy time
am not even watching movies
I neither see any omens flying around
or may be am failing to construe while they persist
is it the dejection, but nobody never really hates me
thts definitely not the reason, am such a lovely person
I’ve got 2 get out of this limping state
this state of nothingness, which I blatantly crib of
bt I always thot I wud nvr really experience it
and may be, I still hvn’t bt why the heck does the words dont come out?
its insanely freaking me out. this sluggish nature, this frigid winter,
why cant i be shrewd enuf and act like a jock. I dont wanna be a douchebag.

I’ve tried
tried like for ever
forever, not to think of you
you and your feelings, here they still remain
remain in my eyes, my heart and in my dreams

dreams of you and me, like am-a-kin
am-a-kin to your last breathe
breath of your vision, that make me lose my own reflections
reflections that have me go against me

Without you, am not me and I just cannot be me
I feel like I’ve been left out frozen
frozen on this frozen sea, baby
baby, its you I believe in and in only you I believe !!

the day we believed that we were in love
I loved those sweet n’ lovely kisses and hugs
hugs that we shared, which couldn’t last so while
but those sweet memories still bring on a smile

somehow, your warmth can still be felt
can be felt through my inner projections
the dissolute indulgence in sensual evolution
why does love seem to be the only solution?

n am still waiting here
to get back the love that we once shared
to share those lovely feelings, all over again
in you arms I wanna live my life again

Baby, without you, am not me and I just cannot be me
I want you in my life, do come back to me
its you I believe in and in only you I believe
Baby – Come – Back – To – Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S: Did you eye one those repeating words, in every two lines..? I made it this way..
achha hai na..

I walk a while
and then I see,
no one’s there, standing by my side

I feel the pain
and its no dream,
am a feather
kicked out from its rhyme

guilty, it must feel
mis-hap, is wot I call this trial
lovelorn, I must seem
contrite, my heart does makes me a freak !

everyone tries not to be lonely
do you see no reason for these cries
screaming deep, do you feel no sorry
albeit, u’d love to see my wretched demise

in the grey of dusk
in the darkness of ignorance
on the roads of sadness
unfathomable to my conscience
striding down, I feel all alone,
the failure has rendered me powerless to atone
my grief comes with the astonishment I own
Am I the biggest loser, the world has ever known
will I shrive myself
would there be another life
why do the sins make me shiver
why do I still shutter those windows from light
and am still feeling so lonely
the pain, the agony
the grievance that I perceived
and the burning wrath on me

without a single wish to conceive
banished from the happiness, here I rot
a dreamer, is what I am
I live my life without a loving thought

But future is what I seek
this time, I don’t wanna surrender
I realise am not like those others, dear
I got love in my heart and its gonna last forever

The night, seems dark and so bleak
I don’t love dreams anymore
The fear of death has made me weak
Feels like I’m knockin’ on heaven’s door

Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door

As a troubled kid am standing bare
With a broken heart and a withered stare
Cold uneasiness, hangs in the air
And I feel I’m knockin’ on heaven’s door

Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door
Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door

Mama save me from this doom
I can’t brace it anymore
The dark clouds have subdued the moon
Feels like I’m knockin’ on heaven’s door

Mama, I ain’t see no love in the Rose
For am held on to the Guns
I can feel the death, for sure it’s close
Don’t I understand, that my life is done
And I Just keep knockin’ on heaven’s door
As I stand there knockin’ on heaven’s door
Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door
Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door
Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door