Time Travel


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 8; the eighth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

I was just a vagabond
who nurtured by your side
too far now that we’ve gone
I can feel the thud inside

broken and dejected thereon
my heart has turned so dumb
it might seem crazy on my part
but thats just the way, it cares to long

the emotions are taking over me
while the memories feel so cold
my conscience must be disarrayed
but the truth is, I dont want you anymore

I’m still a vagabond
doesn’t matter where you’re gone
I need to come out of the misery
and everything that you put me through
this life is way too short,
too short to live it, just for you

whispers in the corridors, day in and day out
speculating my life needs to be rethought about
for no mistake of mine, I don’t have to whine
for its time to break away
with no further clichés
my life ought to be that way
coz Tomorrow’s gonna be, a different day!!

And I’m still a vagabond
its nice to feel that you’ve gone
too much, I wanna saddle up
now that I get to see a different world
and then there’s this lovely girl
who’s been knockin on my door
may be she is the one from my dreams
that I have been, looking for!

And I wanna dance in the sunshine, without further ado
this life is way too short, too short to live it just for you
I know its time to change
and its a time to break away
coz Tomorrow’s gonna be,
A different day!!
With no further cliché, Its gonna be,
A different day!!!

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20 Responses to “Time Travel”

  1. 1 Rupa

    Dude this is a real nice one.

    It started with so much love and pain and ended with a hope and realization. great take. keep it up 🙂

  2. gr8 …..luvd it!!!

  3. The transitional and subtle emotions are the best feature of this poem.. You’ve taken a very unique stand on Time Travel and I really appreciate that! Great going, Zubair!

    All the best for BATOM-8!

  4. nice mssg of hope….and that of looking fwd 2 a better 2moro

  5. 7 Saro

    Long time Zubs! I loved the poem.. 🙂

    like the fast track adds go: MOVE ON!! And more importantly, no anger, no pain, just plain move on.. like your poem!

    All the luck for BATOM and is this the first time you’re participating?

    • Thnx Saro. n yes, this is the first time I’m participating. And I know I am no competition 🙂 everyonez writing ther is well equipped and seems pro.
      And Move On!! This is wot I chose for ‘Timetravel’. Time tho never stops travelling, so why shud we.
      Jst gave a try, n its nice tht u liked it..

  6. 9 SiD

    woa… dude…. now this completes alll types of posts for blogaton…:D a wonderful poem wah ji wah!!

  7. 11 Leo

    now.. this was the first complete poem post i’ve seen this blog-a-ton.. and i think so far, the only poem other than the one in mine.(i’ve done a mix)

    it was well written.. quite good.. took us traveling for sure.
    all the best for BATOM.

  8. I never manage to understand poems, however it was nice reading it. 🙂
    All the best for Blog-a-ton. 🙂

    • I’ve written this one in simple terms, bt then therz always this ambiguity coz they’re pretty much the feelings of the poet, rather than a story which tries to explain things to its reader.
      anyways, thanks for dropping by Nethra.

  9. 14 Makk

    Its Excruciatingly Beautiful.

    Gr8888888 buddy.

    Good Luck.

  10. it left me with some interesting questions on many aspects of thinking and approach ……. grt job ….. ATB for BAT8

  11. Wow! finally a poetry for BATOM. 🙂 Wonderful!! All the best for BATOM 🙂

  12. Nice. I should call you a stroke-less wonder like Navjoth Singh Sidhu. No rhyme, No meter, no rich words and yet a great poem. Purpose of poem is to convey emotions and that it does. All the rest are just dreary details. Liked the overall idea as well – of moving on.

  13. Poetry is not my cup of tea. No matter how simple it may be, I can only understand it if I read it a couple of times. *dumb me* 😛 And that’s what I did here. Read it thrice and man, did I love it! Bloody awesome! Break all the shackles, saddle up, and move on. Splendid! Too good, Zubair.
    All the best for BATOM!

  14. Awesome composition!!

  15. 20 Garima

    I don’t know much about the purpose ‘blog-a-ton’. But, I could just say, it was really an opportunity to pen down a well-knit and non-vagabond composition. And I appreciate your ability to rein the state of mind so wonderfully on the canvas.

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