Had there been ….


The future was on mind, the path sublime
but then I see myself covered by the haze
hard times come on way, but am I ever gonna learn
Had there been light, I would have chosen to return

love is strange, it often lets you down
takes you like a roller coaster,
through all those ups and downs
Had there been love, I would have crossed the bounds

too much I rely on hope, sometimes it blinds me from the truth
the trust I find in others, the pain that it soothes
the strength that it weakens through delusions,
is it the evil or does it lead me to my goal
Had there been glory, I would have found my colorful soul

In destiny do I believe
my thoughts slaved under its control
feelings choose dejection, nothing stoked than sheer failure’s frustration
Had there been luck, I would have defied my future’s dusk


2 Responses to “Had there been ….”

  1. 1 newme

    I really like this poem .. wondering wat was the inspiration/events behind it?

  2. I dint knew it hs turnd out to be good. nun of my frnds sed anythin abt this poem…
    Actually, the thoughts started off as this sentence ‘had there been’ struck my mind.. and a recent deviation(or rather a failure i dont know) in my career path triggerd up the the rest..
    I really appreciate ur liking miss. newme.. thnks..

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