Lets Dream!!


Lets dream, you and I
with humble hearts, beyond the sky
with thoughts of faith and belief
transcending the peaks so high, in every try

Its always been so hard and tough
walking through these deserted streets
the cold wind, blowing up these withered leaves
the pain deep within, your skin perceived

The hollow path, which lead nowhere
the fear, the temptation, of getting swayed
carried along by the smutty desires
sheer vicious, clear specious, the demon conspires

Lets choose, you and I
love, hell, blasphemy and heaven, here lie
hallowed would be us, our dreams would fly
through these eternal stars
if we dispose the wrong from right
this simple path of faith, to we comply



One Response to “Lets Dream!!”

  1. Lets Dream, You and I
    Until I complete this plate of chicken fry .

    Ur poem is as meaning less as the above two lines… but who ever said that we have to post meaningful stuff.. 😛

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