Things to Ponder!!!

1. Would a Gorilla ever change into a human after millions of years?

2. Which one would you pick? First getting loved and then dumped Or getting dumped before being loved.

3. Is stupidity the brother of idiocity or are they just the clones of women?

4. If there are Aliens, would they be technoligically sophisticated than us humans?

5. Can Electric Power ever be transmitted wirelessly?

6. How many more days are left for the Armageddon?

7. Can bill gates every turn into a beggar?

8. Would consuming chicken ever be considered as eating vegetarian?

9. Why is there always a demand for power? cant everyone just live in equity?

10. Are these thoughts considered to be out-of-the-box? or is it just me who’s confused?


One Response to “Ponder”

  1. 1. Donno that…but when they say man evolved from apes…how come there are still apes..
    2.Just being loved.
    3.No comments on that…its an universal truth.
    4. Yes they are definitely smarter than you..since you are human..we have to agree.
    5. Dumb idea. But If u can make some one invest in ur idea make me ur sleeping partner.
    6.Start making ur bucket list ..the day is not so far.
    7.Put a gun on his face and he ll beg for his life.
    8.If u eat a vegeterian, then u ll became a non-vegetarian. chicken doesnt come in to picture at all. Its a PJ.
    9.Nope.. people like you needs to be controlled..
    10.depends on ur dimensions of the box…i think u are living under a peck of dust..and if thats ur box…then u are definitely out of the box..party.!

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