Something seems to be so wrong. I am hardly able to realize the truth. Its been a disgrace living on this planet, while wasting time for the unwanteds. Darkness is surfacing onto the core, and might take no time to reach to the unforgiven souls. People commiting horrendous crimes, still not aware of the dire consequences of the future. Their bodies smeared in pus and blood, their ultimate destiny. Forgiveness hardly seem to appear while forgetfulness is only growing for all those sins commited. Days are not far where we’d see faith, beleif, truth and compassion cease to an end.

Shallow hearts show no love. Ecstasy on the rise. Just a matter of time for promiscuity to reach its peak. No wonder we see it being perpetrated daily. Is it the bring up or the aura, is always hard to decide upon. Respect has only frayed up. Death has turned out to be pretty simple for a few, and for the remainin, its damn scary. Redemption still an unknown. Demon-demon on every corner, every soul in its captivity. Ephemeral happiness agreed upon, putting the whole lot of future at stake.

But lets Beleive in Him and his loved one. Lets prolong our existence in its desired and natural form. Only then, Salvation would come to our rescue. Let us dream and hope to Live the Truth.


4 Responses to “Salvation”

  1. 1 Mahalia

    It is a time likened to the time of Noah….selfishness…. lovelessness…But living hope will always be in my family’s heart and vision….in Jesus’ Name….

  2. 3 Mahalia

    It is a time likened to the time of Noah…. selfishness…. lovelessness… But living hope will always be in my family’s heart and vision…. in Jesus’ Name….

  3. Dream and Hope, I love those two words.
    There is hardly any truth left for us to be visible. That could be a paradox. It is all dust and smoke. And forgiveness might just shy away from these dreaded sins and crimes.

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