Without You!! –


I’ve tried
tried like for ever
forever, not to think of you
you and your feelings, here they still remain
remain in my eyes, my heart and in my dreams

dreams of you and me, like am-a-kin
am-a-kin to your last breathe
breath of your vision, that make me lose my own reflections
reflections that have me go against me

Without you, am not me and I just cannot be me
I feel like I’ve been left out frozen
frozen on this frozen sea, baby
baby, its you I believe in and in only you I believe !!

the day we believed that we were in love
I loved those sweet n’ lovely kisses and hugs
hugs that we shared, which couldn’t last so while
but those sweet memories still bring on a smile

somehow, your warmth can still be felt
can be felt through my inner projections
the dissolute indulgence in sensual evolution
why does love seem to be the only solution?

n am still waiting here
to get back the love that we once shared
to share those lovely feelings, all over again
in you arms I wanna live my life again

Baby, without you, am not me and I just cannot be me
I want you in my life, do come back to me
its you I believe in and in only you I believe
Baby – Come – Back – To – Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S: Did you eye one those repeating words, in every two lines..? I made it this way..
achha hai na..

10 Responses to “Without You!! –”

  1. eeeekss…romantic!!! beyond me…

  2. What a pervert!!! … I see a multitude of meanings in each and every line…

    By any chance is this written like a song?? .. Baiii beee…!! Like the way enrique sings..!!

    since when did u become gay ?? 😛

  3. 3 Rc


  4. @Rc: Did it really suck so much? huh.. I knew it.. am so not good at being romantic.. I took so much time for this one.. like 3 days i suppose.. others i cud do it in an hour or so.. chha… Waste of time..
    @Vivek: Am still straight(FYI).. May be I tried to be an enrique for a while, bt i’ve realized its no good for me. 🙂
    @buzz: Even this was beyond me bt i only made an attempt, which sort of seem to hav suckd..
    thanks for igniting my soul, guys!! 😉

  5. lols…
    rap tha kya?
    was it good or bad? am confused!
    kya hua yaroon? ise teen din likhe tume?

  6. I liked these two lines…

    “the dissolute indulgence in sensual evolution
    why does love seem to be the only solution?”

    And I agree with Vivek…it does sound like a song!…:D…


  7. @Tauseef: well, rap tho nahi, bt its actually a song, i hav the tunes in my mind, bt i dont wanna projct them for obvious reasons..
    waise mujhe kuch hua nahi hai.. i jst tried to write sth different.. n it sadly took my three days(can say an hour on each day).. ;-(
    @hemanth: atleast u obsrvd those two lines n commnted on. As they’re the only ones which I liked, bt those lines seem like they dont belong in here.

  8. 8 Doug

    felt like my nuts got stapled together…stop writing shit like this…doesn’t suit your ass….

    • Come home this weekend first, I shll thn show u how it feels whn sumthin gets stapled…
      and do tell me wot suits my arse better..

  9. 10 newme

    U’ve got enuf feedback already.. so all I’l say is.. good u gave it a shot! now u knw. 🙂

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