Everyone tries not to be lonely!!


I walk a while
and then I see,
no one’s there, standing by my side

I feel the pain
and its no dream,
am a feather
kicked out from its rhyme

guilty, it must feel
mis-hap, is wot I call this trial
lovelorn, I must seem
contrite, my heart does makes me a freak !

everyone tries not to be lonely
do you see no reason for these cries
screaming deep, do you feel no sorry
albeit, u’d love to see my wretched demise

in the grey of dusk
in the darkness of ignorance
on the roads of sadness
unfathomable to my conscience
striding down, I feel all alone,
the failure has rendered me powerless to atone
my grief comes with the astonishment I own
Am I the biggest loser, the world has ever known
will I shrive myself
would there be another life
why do the sins make me shiver
why do I still shutter those windows from light
and am still feeling so lonely
the pain, the agony
the grievance that I perceived
and the burning wrath on me

without a single wish to conceive
banished from the happiness, here I rot
a dreamer, is what I am
I live my life without a loving thought

But future is what I seek
this time, I don’t wanna surrender
I realise am not like those others, dear
I got love in my heart and its gonna last forever


11 Responses to “Everyone tries not to be lonely!!”

  1. I, for once , am impressed. I really liked few lines and I didn’t understand the point of a few other lines. Overall, nice read. Kudos

  2. I think they’re the lines where I’m referrin to the ‘second person’ tht u must not hav understood. As I’ve stated in between, these are feelings of a dejected lovelorn, who has failed both in love and life, and has turnd into a loner. its the ‘love’ of the person being referrd to here..
    well, thanks for the appreciation dude!!

  3. Waah,,,, kya baat hai, kya baat hai.!
    Is it just a poem or your emotion?

  4. well, they’re definitely not my emotions!! I can gaurantee tht…
    Its just a poem, which kept me involved only till i wrote it..
    am a happy person..

  5. 5 Avinash

    wtf is the matter with you…psyched out jerk…

  6. sometimes u need to vent out ur psychoism dude!! can’t help it…

  7. contrite, my heart does makes me a freak !
    “does make” …..a typo i guess!!
    nice words btw….

  8. It was an intended typo actually..
    u know, its said, we need not stik to the grammer while writing poetry..!!
    but i dont know how much thts true either.. 😉
    shall change it soon.. thanks,

  9. 9 newme

    Nice… try something around happy feelings too.i think it’ll turn out gr8!

  10. Lonely…zubair is so lonely..he has no bodyyy..!! what a boreeeeee…!!

    write something new and refreshing bey ….

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