Know Me!!

I am a Nihilist. But am no Atheist

This is Zubair.. A grad of BITS Pilani, working as an engineer at Bangalore..

I m the kind of guy who says “Light is not due to the anger of god but its the result of physical properties”.. I love Skating, movies, my Friends, foot-volley-ball, and a few other crazy stupid things, like if somebody asks “Whats the craziest thing u ve done lately”, i ve always got an answer….

I m the type of Guy who will burst out laughing in dead silence becasue of something that happened yesterday! I can jump on Oprah’s couch for you!!

Considerate, diplomatic, an ambivert , but still loquacious….Sometimes a liar..but will do no harm…
Only recently I’ve been into writing.. Till then, was always lost in the Rabbit Hole. May be it was time to show-off some fairies and tales I encounter.. Here’s one among them. Doesn’t she luks damn cute ???

Contact me @
Although, you’d find me busy most of the times.. πŸ˜›


3 Responses to “Know Me!!”

  1. Zubair,

    Great going! Considering your poetic skills, this site was long due.

  2. And i was looking for you on blogspot..

  3. Nice blog! and another computer engineer πŸ™‚

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