55 Fiction – An Accident


His eyes were already drooping, his legs smashed and bleeding half body, as he smelt his own rustic blood.
He Wished he had never taken out his bike, or the least, never had driven so fast in the temptation caused by his thumping testosterone.
But here he was lying on the stretcher in the beeping ambulance, with none of his loved ones by his side, while he was on the way to be doomed.
Suddenly, an intrinsic wave ignited his mind. The reason for all his earthly deeds came to his rescue, as he whispered his final words to Praise the Lord. And there he was, just a few moments away from ‘Heaven’. What more could he ask for?

P. S: Although the story crosses the required 55 words, I wanted to make an attempt at writing this ’55 Fiction’. And this is how it has turned out.


4 Responses to “55 Fiction – An Accident”

  1. amm ammmm ammm…..

  2. Hehe… Man according to my knowledge, fiction 55 is UNDER 55 words… But I should say you nailed it! lol

    • Ofcourse its to be within 55 words, bt for an amatuer like me, am sure to be forgiven.. 😉
      thanks a ton dude. nice tht u lykd it..

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