Sweet He is!!


Gracious and gleeful
he stands by our side
when we pray our hearts
prepared for a ravenous demise

Flawless he is
when he bestows his kindness
gentle his voice
be it spiritual or the faithless

His love shows no bounds
He exists all around
guides us out of the dark
ignites in us, the holy sparks


2 Responses to “Sweet He is!!”

  1. Nihilist, no an atheist, knowledge…I am a sort of confused,,

  2. I know…
    everythingz only conflicting the else…
    I was actually inspired by this concept of nihilism.. but as u can see, i dont want to be an atheist either. so, still on gettin ideas to relate, which contradicts nihilism per se.
    it confuses me too, a lot!!

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