Hollow mind!!


Seriously, wot the freakingly heck is wrong wid me?
I m so out of this rythm, of being able to ryt. Aftr so long years, I finally find words jamming into poems. bt now, I hv lyk atleast a list of 10 imcomplete n deserted poems, which I so hate to have started off.
Now I fynally plan to brake this callous fever, by writin wotever shoot hits my mind.. And may be for a change, its abt me stuff… or may not be.. theez r jst some insane words..

I am so lost n confused
lost in this disjuncted future
bt m so aware of the presnt
I feel the awkwardness around me
wearing off this lazy time
am not even watching movies
I neither see any omens flying around
or may be am failing to construe while they persist
is it the dejection, but nobody never really hates me
thts definitely not the reason, am such a lovely person
I’ve got 2 get out of this limping state
this state of nothingness, which I blatantly crib of
bt I always thot I wud nvr really experience it
and may be, I still hvn’t bt why the heck does the words dont come out?
its insanely freaking me out. this sluggish nature, this frigid winter,
why cant i be shrewd enuf and act like a jock. I dont wanna be a douchebag.


9 Responses to “Hollow mind!!”

  1. 1 newme

    Lot of honesty reflecting there and also you definitely have a great poet in you, it’s so transparently obvious. Maybe the trick is to put them down as and when and not bound them in anyway.

    I’m glad ur back to put those words there..I need to do the same.:)


    • Am seriously tryin re, bt nothing seems to be on its way at all.. am a lil lost myself. may be its just the work n stuff tht is keepin my brains busy..

  2. Just a poem or your thought, I dont know
    A little while ago, i had the same go.
    Mind so ripped and thoughts scattered
    intentions like papers flying, I left invisible

    Things flew past my brains
    It took time to fix my heart,
    A little shots of talk to myself
    A few doses of silences and aways

    Things never got fixed, lest i did
    A little sellotape and a few replacements
    Nuthin, but dont get astray,
    it now feels like you passing through a prism
    a lots of colors, but tat they come from white…

    eww… what was that?
    Happens dude… you are intelligent… you dont need to be said… else i am there

    • Really dude.. look at ur spirit.. u r pennin down those words so easily.. i mean, comments mei bhi!! kya baat hai..
      plus, u’ve written some marvellous articles on ur blog…
      thnx a ton for wotever it is…

      • n u know wat?
        sab demaag ka khel hai mere bhaai!!! enjoy the roller coaster…

        enjoy, emphasized…

  3. 🙂 its called “Burnout”

    a phenomenon that everyone goes through…and this is like Deja Vu cause i can think of a hundred people in the same boat including me…..hang on but that is exactly how it is suppose to be, you being able to say exactly what’s on your mind…in a world full of charade!…and act like a jock for the world…since when, ur posts suggest that is not an achievement on ur list???

    ps..if this is the poet in a state of flux…what would the words be when out of it… 🙂

    • Thanks for the explanation n motivation Arpita.. 🙂
      I need to get a grip of myself to fall bak on track again…
      may be its just time tht I need, or more books to read, to be back with thoughts..
      Lets see how things turn..
      hav fun!!

  4. Zubair,

    I seriously doubt this line: “am not even watching movies”… hehehee… temme are u seriously not watching movies these days?… 😛 …

    • Its not like am not watchin movies, bt its the number of movies am watchin these days.. max 1 or 2 per week possibly..
      Otherwise, I daily watch a min 1 whn am all normal.. n bak in my college days it ws 3… cn u believe tht…
      so, relatively, number wise, its like ‘am not watching any movies’..
      u get tht??

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