Peace, Love, Sex, Freedom and Rock’n Roll


Living a lie, was not my cup of tea
it used to drive me crazy, it never let me sleep
So, I wanted to go out,
in search of something, something for real.

I went to my friends’ place
who had a big mansion,
filled with people rocking to jive,
who were buoyed in a strange sarcasm
I joined them along, to the beats of ROCK’N ROLL.

But then it wasn’t enough, am no new to this stuff
and so, I took out ma bike,
went out to find the essence of life
then I realized it was the FREEDOM
Freedom from I don’t know what, but,
tangled in this shitty responsibility
the daemon inside me, just wanted to be be left-free

Alongside, something felt immensely wrong
and so I kept driving along
driving through and through, I found this girl
her swarthy forehead bearing a plastered kiss curl
I looked at her waiting in this blistering cold
she leaned beside me
and we ended up having SEX in a motel, lo and behold!

her warmth, her touch
and all these feelings as such
had never felt so new
they made me crave to live with her, for years through
the reason for all this being,
the sheer LOVE that had recently grew

But then, there was still something missin in life
As I realised, the world was at war
with the guns, the bombs, the daggers and the knife
Bloodshed all over, innocent lives blown through the way
the thirst for power has made mankind live in dismay
regions divided into states and countries,
people smeared all through these boundaries
finding this hatred, pain, death or evil soul
would only spread like cancer
freedom, love, sex or rock’n roll
they still don’t give me an answer.

But I hope PEACE does!!
Peace would definitely bring peace
to our hearts and soul
and to all these living creatures on whole

One day may be I could fill this void
You know,
this void of living a life, with eternal Peace !!!

PS: Inspired by the below Picture from ‘Lee Make History – Picture Story’


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